I had pain for 10 days straight. EVERY time I tried to stand, sit or lay (basically everything I did), I experienced a sharp pinch in my lower back… Since my 1st appointment this morning ALL that has changed! Dr. Joe is amazing, he was gentle, patient & knowledgeable… Not only did he make the pain go away, he gave me such a sense of relief & wellness. I have a follow-up appointment in a couple of days and plan to set up appointments for my husband and daughter so they too can experience the stretching & adjustments provided by Dr. Joe. He is truly a gem and I’m so glad to have met him! BTW the receptionist is also very accommodating and worked with my schedule to best serve my needs!”

Yvette P.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pilloud for years. I was referred to him by another patient, who spoke very highly of him. Dr. Pilloud has rescued me several times over the years, where I have gone to his office bent over and in pain, but walked out standing straight and feeling much better.

Aside from his clinical experience and broad knowledge of holistic health that goes far beyond chiropractic, Dr. Pilloud is genuinely warm, friendly, and full of good humor. I recommend him in the highest terms.”

Steve C.

I was in the process of moving across state. All the packing and preparation for the move had caused me to be in a lot of pain. I looked up chiropractors on line and basically chose Dr. Pilloud because he was close and had some good reviews.

I called the office at about 2:30 and asked for an appointment either that day or the next – thinking there was no way they would get me in that day. However, the receptionist said, ‘I’ll get you in this afternoon. We don’t want to leave you in pain.’

Dr. Joe treated me with the same care and attention that one might expect if they were a long standing patient. He was incredibly knowledgeable and listened to my entire story before beginning to work on me. He was extremely gentle and discussed nutritional supplements with me, in depth, after the treatment. Even though he knew I was “just passing through” he gave me his card and urged me to call him any ¬†time if I had any questions.

I highly endorse Dr. Pilloud!”

Kristi W.

As a construction worker and contractor, I have had a lifetime of back problems, sprains, pulls and assorted minor injuries. I have always sought relief from these problems with chiropractic care. I have lived and worked in three states and had many different associations with chiropractors. Dr. Pilloud is the BEST. He is caring and professional and Joann the office manager will always find time to work you in if you are in need.”

Rick V.

I live out of the area and found myself in the need of a chiropractor. I was referred to Dr. Pilloud. I have been treated for years by other doctors. Dr. Pilloud was incredible. He treated me based on my symptoms and my body type. One of the best treatments I have ever had.”

Clay V.

Wonderful… the best… I have been to many and he is the best one I have ever been to.”

Janis T.